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Yay yay (at DACHA Beer Garden)

Home is the sound of the birds…by Teitur #etxe #home #music #nordicinspiration

Just heard this song on Nordic playlist #33 and I love how they define and describe…

In love with @elsaadamshandmade #Danishdesigner #fashiondesign #couture #lace #inspiration #shouldbepacking

Nordic adventure countdown : Elsa Adams

Nordic adventure countdown : Elsa Adams Danish fashion designer #lacelove

I leave for Copenhagen on Friday. I’ve been listening to this Nordic playlist collection all day in preparation and am now, of course, looking up Danish fashion designers instead of packing.

I just got off the phone with someone who knows Denmark well and she gave me some great names of Danish designers to check out–one being Elsa Adams. I’m in love.

I’ve always had a thing for lace. I used to…

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August gems …

August gems: fashion history, popular fashion critique and fashion business books + more …

August gems by EtxeThis month I’ve been into fashion history and popular critique of the fashion industry, as well as some fashion business reading. If you’re also into these topics then check out our August gems:

  • The Lost Art of Dress
    by historian + dressmaker Linda Przybyszewski

  • This book is fascinating. It’s definitely been influencing my design decisions and inspiring me to stay true to my dress dreams and…

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    Etxe : Home with Hélène

    “For me home has never been a place.” Héléne Vincent #etxe #home

    etxe : home

    Each Tuesday we’ll be posting a new perspective on ETXE : HOME. This second post of the series is by a good friend Héléne Vincent. How do you define home?

    For me home has never been a place. Growing up, my parents lived on two different continents — sometimes I felt like Air France was my home. Over time, I came to realize that home is being with those who love you completely unconditionally.


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    Dreamy. #AugustusVincentTack #Phillipscollection #madeinamerica #dc #art #americanartists (at The Phillips Collection)

    Sunday Slowdown 8

    Pattern making Etxe Washington DC

    I spent most of the day in the sewing studio. I have been calling it ‘sew studio’, ‘sewing studio’ and just plain ‘studio’ because I don’t really know what to call it, but no matter what I say it confuses people.

    Today there was another woman in the studio about to leave for Russia on assignment — she works for the State department. That’s the cool thing about DC, there are people en route to…

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    Curves. #desigingforwomen #sunday #patternfun

    Our first ETXE : HOME post is by @kmalastudio, an artist and designer in SoCal. Read what home means to her on the blog! #etxe #home #artishome #travel (at hawaii vacation)

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