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Anyone wanna name this mannequin? #fashiondesign #muslin #firstproto

Layin’ it all out. #muslin #patternmaking #Saturday

It’s official- I have a box at the studio! #fashiondesign #dcdesign #patternmaking #inthestudio #weekends

Adams Morgan Day

funtimes at Adams Morgan Day

Adams Morgan Day DC 2014
Most Sundays are spent relaxing, going grocery shopping, doing laundry and binging on Netflix. You know, what Sundays are really meant for…

But every once in a while you decide to do brunch with your best friend, you decide it’s more economical to get bottomless, and you end up having the BEST DAY EVER.

These Sunday fundays are even better when a nearby neighborhood is having their yearly…

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My favorite finds in one of my favorite cities. #Copenhagen #eatingabroad #travel #yumyum #danishdelights

Eating in Copenhagen

where to eat in Copenhagen, Denmark

I ate many amazing things in Copenhagen, but these are some of my favorites!

the smorrebrød at Cafe Charlottenborg

The best meal you’ll eat at a museum. Really, not only was this open-faced sandwich gorgeous and delicious, but the atmosphere at Café Charlottenborg was perfect for some travel journal time.

the risotto at Grød

When I was sitting in Grødchowing down on my risotto, a woman started talking to me in Danish and seemed confused that I…

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less selfies, more art

Need some inspiration?

Etxe : Home with Tim

My mom is convinced my organs will be stolen and harvested when I’m in another country. #etxe #home


Each Tuesday we’ll be posting a new perspective on ETXE : HOME. This piece is by Tim Loc, a writer and friend.

How do you define home?

My family—dad, mom, sister, brother—is home to me. Their unconditional love is what makes me feel validated as a person. There’s this constant feeling of *striving* when you’re out; at school, at work, even when you’re just hanging at a bar on a Friday evening.…

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Wall right now. #inspiration #art #fashion #prints #isitfallyet #sleepy

Sunday Slowdown on Monday, again

Sunday Slowdown on Monday, again

Sunday Slowdown All Things Go
I think I say this every single week — it’s been busy! I got back in town after a Nordic Adventure for a few days before enjoying some of the last days of summer in Brooklyn. I finally got back to DC Tuesday, made my favorite gym class, tried a hip hop class with my sister and spent the night in Friday with a glass (or bottle) of wine and a veggie burger form Busboys and Poets.

Then the weekend.…

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